Thursday, December 18, 2008

Do you know...Where we're going To?

A song, a direction, what?

Barack Obama has announced his energy team, and his Interior secretary. Where do we go from here?

I'm impressed with the energy secretary and equally unimpressed with the Interior secretary.

Here's my view:

  • Corn Ethanol has to be OUT!
  • Natural Gas should be IN!
  • Nuclear power should be IN!
  • Clean Coal shoud be OUT, unless it is really Clean, if so, it should be IN!
  • Wind should be IN in every way.
  • There should be a federal policy that overrides any homeowner association restrictions on Solar power installations for domestic power generation.
  • There should be mandatory acceptance of reverse power credit. (meaning if you generate more than you use, the power company must give your credit.)

Regarding Interior department positions:

  • I support 'right to carry' based on states policies on weapons
  • I want increased funding of National Parks
  • There should be 'line of sight' restrictions on BLM development
  • We should allow ANWR development with strict restrictions.
  • There should be mandatory air quality improvements in critical parks such as 'Great Smoky Mountains National Park'

These are my views as of today, December 18, 2008