Friday, September 19, 2008

Energy is losing focus

With all of the developments in finance this week, energy is losing focus. In reality, energy is a major contributor to our meltdown.

The US is in a weak position. Minus 700B on oil, the other issues of our economy are heightened magnitude.

We must not lose sight of the main problem...major negative cashflow as a result or our dependence on foreigh oil is a significant contributor to our national problem.

Please don't lose sight of the issues. Despite the greed, lack of oversight and whatever ails the economy, we still need to focus on the balance of energy. We must not let the financial crisis divert us.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Hurricane, Another Lesson

Ike has struck the Texas Gulf coast. At least 13 refineries shut down. Regardless of damage, they can't restart until electricity is restored. Some Americans face gasoline shortages. Others face price increases. Is this the best we can do?

Hurricanes on the gulf are as sure as death and taxes. To be in a position where our national infrastructure is so threateded by such a guaranteed occurance seems pretty unreasonable to me.

Why don't we fix this?

Diversity in energy would help. Power service designed to be uninterruptable by hurricanes seems so obvious. But yet, having suffered recently from Katrina and Rita, we still have the same problem. Are there not any strategic thinkers or spenders in America?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Republicans need an energy goal

Last night, Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin talked about the need to explore and expand all forms of energy, from off shore drilling, ANWR drilling, nuclear, and alternatives. She said we needed to do it all.

I agree, but I think we need a national priority goal. John McCain has said things like '45 more nuclear power plants by 2030', which is a great goal, but it is not comprehensive enough.

I want a goal that reshapes our infrastructure, just as the space program reshaped so much of the micro-electronics that we have today. We need a bold goal regain energy independence and reduce environmental damage.

I think the choice of Sarah Palin for Vice President was a brilliant forward looking decision. Now we need one for energy policy.